Rent an E-bike Cube to do the island Krk easy way. 


These Cube electric bikes with Bosch central systems and the 500 wh batteries have the range of 60-70 kilometers on Krk hills. Real range.

One battery charging is enough to conquer half of the island and will push you up the every hill, no matter is it a trail or normal road.

Rent e-bike Krk


These e-bikes are designed to climb the steepest hills. Bosch central motors within Eco mode can do on 100+ kilometers on a flat terrain.

It will help you to reach every corner of Krk.

 E-bike rental in Krk and Punat



The price is 180 kn/day (cca 25eur). 


Boris Cvetkovic


+ 385 (0)99 6720 424

Omisaljska 14, Krk or Marina Punat, Punat

Rent an e-bike on Island Krk